1. Shake your hand, as if the temperature is winding around your fingertips, but the last time let me find that you bring me only momentary warmth, but take away the cool heart of a lifetime.握过你的手,仿佛余温在指尖缠绕,但是最后的最后时间让我发现,你带给我的只是瞬间的温暖,带走的却是一辈子的心凉。

2.You said before that at this time you are my most precious, without you I am nothing. Now you say, how did you become like this? You are not my favorite person anymore. Let's separate.以前你说,在这个时间上你是我最珍贵的,没有你我什么都不是。现在你说,你怎么变成了这样,你已经不是我喜欢的人了,我们还是分开吧。

3.Did you change, or did I not see the original you, when you did not come, you sweet talk, after you do not care to ask, when my existence is the air, whether you changed or I have never known the real you.是你变了,还是我没看清当初的你,没到手的时候你甜言蜜语,到手后你不理不问,当我的存在是空气,究竟是你变了还是我从未认识真正的你。

4.We used to say nothing together, but now we are not only separated by your heart, but also those cold mobile phones, TV, computers, anyone can talk to you, and I was discharged from your heart by you.以前在一起我们无话不说,现在在一起隔着的不仅是你的心,还有那些冰冷的手机,电视,电脑,谁都可以跟你聊心,而我却被你排出出了你的真心。

5.Without contrast, there will be no harm. I comfort myself with you and with you. At first, I love you so much. But gradually, you become more and more indifferent. I find that I have no words and no poisonous chicken soup to support my unbalanced heart.没有对比就没有伤害,我对你的与你对我的,刚开始我安慰自己,我爱你所以可以,但是渐渐的你越来越冷漠,我发现自己的已经没有语言没有毒鸡汤去支撑心里不平衡了。