Tom's Diner - Suzanne Vega (苏珊·薇格)I am sittingIn the morningAt the dinerOn the cornerI am waitingAt the counterFor the manTo pour the coffeeAnd he fills itOnly halfwayAnd beforeI even argueHe is lookingOut the windowAt somebodyComing inIt is alwaysNice to see youSays the manBehind the counterTo the womanWho has come inShe is shakingHer umbrellaAnd I lookThe other wayAs they are kissingTheir hellosAnd I'm pretendingNot to see themAnd insteadI pour the milkI openUp the paperThere's a storyOf an actorWho had diedWhile he was drinkingHe was no oneI had heard ofAnd I'm turningTo the horoscopeAnd lookingFor the funniesWhen I'm feelingSomeone watching meAnd soI raise my headThere's a womanOn the outsideLooking insideDoes she see meNo she does notReally see me'Cause she seesHer own reflectionAnd I'm tryingNot to noticeThat she's hitchingUp her skirtAnd while she'sStraightening her stockingsHer hairIs getting wetOh this rainIt will continueThrough the morningAs I'm listeningTo the bellsOf the cathedralI am thinkingOf your voiceAnd of the midnight picnicOnce upon a timeBefore the rain beganAnd I finish up my coffeeAnd it's time to catch the train


《Tom's Diner (DNA Remix)-Suzanne Vega》

《Tom's Diner-DJ Mat/Estelle》

《om's Diner - Suzanne Vega (苏珊·薇格)》